My name is
Shea Whelan

I’m a half Irish, half Pakistani San Francisco native relocated in St. Louis Missouri. I have completed my UEFA 'A' coaching license and I am a NASM certified personal trainer. I love to help people succeed. While growing up I was heavily involved in sports which helped me mentally, physically & emotionally. As a wee lad, I played in a variety of sports: soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, tennis, ping pong, archery, badminton, biking, the list goes on and on. My true passion was playing soccer. With extreme dedication & disciple to soccer, I was fortunate enough to have a National Team tryout in 2004. My commitment continued as I played for USF, a division 1 team, and for a summer season with the San Jose Earthquakes PDL reserve team. I have always been active and appreciate the human anatomy and its possibilities. My style of physical fitness comes from my love of playing games, connecting with others on a team level, and my understanding of the body.

What I Have
to Offer

My sessions always start with your goals and a discussion on how to achieve those goals. I take a holistic approach to fitness and encourage you to find other healthy habits, including eating well, monitoring your water intake, and mental health strategies. I want to get to know you and create a relationship. For me, there is nothing better than connecting with another person, pushing them outside of their comfort zone, and making them believe in him or herself. My goal as your coach will be to inspire you to work hard and never give up. Together, we will bring out your inner athlete. Ultimately, I want to help you reach your full potential and believe in yourself. The body is capable of achieving anything. Let me prove that you are stronger & more capable than you think!

Personal Training

•Focused on the clients wants and needs to reach his or her own personal goals.
•Consulting a nutritional plan is also available within sessions between client and trainer.
•Sessions are designed for each individual client, focused on clients personal strengths to be a successful athlete.
•Explosive plyometric strength training, developing dynamic movements & mobility.
•Speed & agility ladder work, enhancing proper body mechanics & motor skills
•Hurdles, resistant bands & parachute sprints for strength & endurance.
•Dynamic stretching, yoga & foam rolling targeting hip mobility & flexibility of athlete.
•Lateral & linear movements maximizing overall strength of ACL & MCL.


•NASM Certified Personal Trainer •UEFA ‘A’ •UEFA ‘B’ •DOC License (Director of Coaches) •NSCAA Premier ‘A’ •NSCAA Advanced Nationals •NSCAA Nationals •TRX Certified •Battle Ropes •Coerver Youth Diploma •Barcelona Youth Diploma •Fiorentina Psychomotricity Course •FC Barcelona Training Methodology Youth Diploma •CPR-AED Certified •First Aid Certified

"Shea is an A+ trainer and coach. I honestly don't know what type of shape I would be in physically and mentally without his classes these last 6 months. His virtual classes are very hands-on (which is logistically impossible right now but Shea makes it work.) He's hyper-focused on each of our movements with the specific weights and bands we have access to. His playlists are great, his energy is even better. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a sweaty, motivational, and powerful 45 min class." 

Ben Evangelista

"Shea is a top coach who’s approach appeals to your inner athlete -drive, achieve, succeed. He is genuine, extremely in-tune with his clients needs, and brings his top game to every session. The mind and body connection he establishes with every client is unique helping each individual strive to achieve their goals."

Linda Carmichael

"Shea has strengthened my body, but also strengthened my soul.  Shea is a holistic coach who is intuitive, holds me accountable, kicks my ass, grounds me when I need it most, has FANTASTIC taste in music and makes me laugh."

KT Barous

"During Covid Shelter-in-Place I started training with Shea three times a week and it was the best decision. He is there to motivate me every step of the way and push me to be better. I feel like I am in some of the best shape of my life, even better than my past life of Ironman triathlon training."

Heather Erwin

"Unlike other instructors, Shea really focuses on form. Through his Covid online classes, I was able to run faster, and pull heavier weights. Shea is always attentive to everyone that attends his classes. I’ve been very impressed by his passion to help me, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with me. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of."

Punal Bhavsar 

"Shea integrates this imperative knowledge into his tailored workouts. His passion for fitness and people mixed with his wealth of fitness knowledge allow his clients too confidently know that they can obtain any fitness goal. Everyone’s fitness journey is personal and unique to them, and with Shea, he makes sure that your journey is nothing but successful."

Megan Phillips

"I immediately gravitated towards Shea for his high energy, positive outlook on life, and his ability to truly connect with his clients. Without asking, Shea is the person to continually follow up with you and make sure you are tracking towards goals/progress. I highly recommend taking Shea in person or online."

Hish Salama

"Shea has a true coach mentality - supportive with attention to form, and just the right amount of tough love that pushes you to level up. His contagious energy and optimism is always a bright spot in the day."

Melanie Scannell

"I never thought I would run again…I lost 50 pounds with Shea’s powerful combination of demanding, understanding, accepting where one is at and visioning transformation. Shea is a game changer. He never gives up! Even when you do or want to, when it gets hard he sees and holds your potential- to keep going– to finish strong. I am 60 years old­, Shea helping me finish strong."

Susan Greene

"Shea has an amazing ability to target muscle groups that no other trainer had ever gotten to and I was immediately hooked on the visible results it had on my body! If you're looking for an easy workout don't waste your time but if you want to really push yourself and reach new levels you never thought possible, I highly recommend him as a trainer."

Caitlin Silva

"Shea keeps me totally grounded during such an uncertain time. Shea's soccer six-pack class in particular has definitely helped me see more focused results on my abs, and I'm so grateful! With super insightful form-corrections, and all-around great personality unites his clients and keeps us coming back!"

Caroline Dolan

"I have never been this fit and I turn 50 this year! After a short time training with Shea I could actually see and feel a difference in the areas where I wanted to increase my strength. Shea is very highly skilled in his field. His gift is fitness and motivating his clients."

Karee Davidson

“Shea is a genuine, upbeat and inspiring human being.  It is obvious to me that he lives life with a heart wide open, and in a world like what we have today Shea is exactly the type of person you want to work hard, shatter weaknesses, and get stronger with.”

Jen Perez

"Shea’s positive energy and dedication to his clients, friends, and family motivates us all to keep pushing to be the best version of ourselves both inside and out of the virtual workout room."

Amanda Duong

"Shea always brings the energy and the heat! He is responsive, timely and consistent and his prices are competitive, not to mention he has the biggest heart. Expect to be pushed to your limits, but that's a good thing. If you want that soccer booty and that 6-pack, you won't go wrong training with Shea!"

Lisa Parrish

"My fitness journey instantly changed the moment I got to train with Shea, his dynamic and explosive style leaves you constantly moving and connected with the workout. His unique workout techniques, utilizing every part of your body. After training with Shea I mentally and physically can do more than when I started."

Talla Bavand

Set High Fitness Goals

After you decide to start training I will personally make sure you get the best fitness program to meet your goals. We will take on the challenge together to get you the results you want.