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Personal Training


•Focused on the clients wants and needs to reach his or her own personal goals. Consulting a nutritional plan is also available within sessions between client and trainer.
•Equipment used during session: medicine ball, battle rope, trx, kettle bells, dumb bells, resistance bands, half bosu ball, ladders & own body weight.

Personal Training Sessions

$150 an hour 1 on 1
$180 an hour 2 on 1
$200 an hour 3 on 1
$250 an hour 4 on 1
‘Sessions are designed for each individual player, focusing on their technique & personal strengths to be a successful student athlete of the game’
A typical session includes:
•Explosive plyometric strength training, developing dynamic movements & mobility
•Speed & agility ladder work, enhancing proper body mechanics & motor skills
•Hurdles, resistant bands & parachute sprints for strength & endurance
•Dynamic stretching, yoga & foam rolling targeting hip mobility & flexibility of athlete
•Lateral & linear movements maximizing overall strength of ACL & MCL
•Technical Coerver ball mastery amplifying muscle memory growth
•Technique in striking & receiving the ball with proper surfaces of both feet, increasing overall technical skill & development